Why do this now?

With downtown identified as a top priority for City Council, Western State Colorado University expressing a desire to strengthen its relationship with the community, and the momentum resulting from the One Valley Prosperity Project (OVPP), we think the timing of this project is right and can have a significant positive impact on our community.

Project Support and Funding

This spring, the City applied for and was awarded technical assistance from Community Builders, a non-project organization based in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, to work closely with citizens to develop a community-driven action plan for downtown Gunnison. The project is being funded through a combination of funds from Community Builders, the City and a grant from the Department of Local Affairs (DOLA).

Who is Community Builders? Why are they working with us?

Community Builders is a nonprofit organization based in Glenwood Springs, CO who helps build successful, prosperous places by strengthening local leadership, supporting on the ground change, and inspiring local action. Community Builders offers technical assistance at low or no cost to communities within Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico.

In February 2017, the City of Gunnison applied for and was accepted to receive technical assistance from Community Builders. Community Builders staff are helping to provide advice and guidance to the City throughout the project.

What’s the timeline? How long will this take?

The project will begin in June of 2017 and is expected to last through Fall of 2017.  See the Project Timeline for more information.

What’s in it for us? What do municipalities/private business get out of the process?

This effort is aimed at supporting and complementing local efforts and strategic planning for the Downtown. We seek to understand community aspirations for the downtown and the place they want it to become in the future. We cannot do that in a vacuum. Participating in these discussions allows you to share your particular needs, challenges, ideas and hopes, which ultimately shape the outcomes and recommendations of the project. Your involvement is critical.

What is government’s role in downtown and economic development?

Government’s role in downtown and economic development is to create good infrastructure, facilitate and support private sector partnerships and facilitate economic opportunities. Local government can assist entrepreneurs, employers, industry and small business by connecting them to resources that are available. Local governments are also responsible for creating a regulatory scheme that reflects their constituent’s needs and desires and also serves the community in a way to promote a sustainable and prosperous economy and quality of life.

My comment did not show up on the forum or FB. Why?

We want and actively invite your participation in this project—it is absolutely crucial to make sure we get it right. So, if you’ve submitted a comment via Facebook or our website forum, and it’s not appearing where it should, it is due to one of two things. One, that there was a technical error in transmission. We invite you to try again and apologize for the inconvenience. Two, we are moderating these forums and are committed to providing a space for civil dialogue. If your post uses profanity, involves personal attacks or name-calling, we will remove it. In this instance, we encourage you to channel your inner statesman and try the post again.

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