Project Team

The project team is tasked with management of the project. The project team is comprised of the following City staff and Community Builders staff:

Name Role Email
Russ Forrest City Manager
Steve Westbay Community Development Director
Andie Ruggera City Planner
Caitlin VanBuskirk City Intern
Clark Anderson Community Builders
Matt Farrar Community Builders
John Lavey Community Builders

Downtown Leadership Committee

The City and Community Builders have engaged a leadership committee composed of public, private and non-profit entities that are located in or otherwise connected to the downtown. The committee will act as a leadership and advisory body for this project. The committee will work closely with City and Community Builders staff. The key roles of the committee will be: 1. Assist with Community Engagement and Outreach; 2. Assist with the Downtown Plan; and, 3. Support the City with implementation.

Name Role Email
Kelly Osness Treads N’ Threads
Heidi Magnus Firebrand
Carlie Kenton Arts Center
Roanne Houck Main Street Clinic
Francis or Allen Ivy Open Your Eyes
Cathie Pagano Double Shot Cyclery
Joellen Fonken Shopper
TL Livermore Pat’s Screen Printing
Kirsten Dickey Off Center Designs
Wayne Castka Into the Woods
Mallory Logan RoShambo
Erich Ferchau Remax/PZ Commission
Leia Morrison City Council Member
Missy Wallin Twisted Fork
Theresa Hanacek PZ Commission Member
Chris Dickey Chamber Representative
Gary Pierson Western Representative
Jodie Howard Western Student
Jennifer Barvitski Architect
Anthony Poponi Business Consultant
Nancy Barnes Trimm Gunnison Library
Lucille Lucas Lucille Lucas Gallery
John Messner Business Owner
Bob Mann Silver Queen Jewelry
Janet Lucas Boomerang
Lozen Miller Western Student
Celeste Helminski Chamber ED
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