We are working hard to make sure we include you in this important project. We will host community forums, provide surveys, and hold public gatherings. We will also use unique and creative ways to collect community input—to reach you where you are.

The project will be conducted in four phases starting in June 2017 with a targeted end date the end of 2017.  Each project phase has a clear public engagement focus as outlined below.

Phase 1: Downtown Goals

We start by assessing our downtown’s strengths, opportunities and challenges. We use this information to define what a successful downtown Gunnison looks like in the future. This phase will result in goals that provide a framework for action and guide long-term decision making.

Phase 2: Downtown Strategies

Based on our goals for the downtown, we identify specific actions that respond to our aspirations for the downtown. This phase will result in a series of strategies that focus on achieving community goals.

Phase 3: Design and Implementation Strategies

With our goals and strategies in hand, we work with technical experts to develop design solutions and implementation actions for the downtown. This phase will result in design concepts for key downtown areas, as well as implementation recommendations specifically tailored to our community.

Phase 4: Let’s Take Action

We conclude by developing a plan that provides a simple, easily understood guide for the physical and economic development of the downtown, consistent with community’s goals. We also discuss implementation and stewardship with the community.

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